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Type: 60 Volt Ceramic Heater Elements

60 Volt Ceramic Heater Elements

The 60 Volt ceramic heater is our standard ceramic heater. They are available in a wide range of sizes as shown in the table in the PDF file link.

The 60 Volt ceramic heater element is manufactured from high grade nickel chrome (NiCr) 80/20 19 stranded wire. They are insulated with durable ceramic interlocking beads made of sintered alumina oxide. Each ceramic heater has a nickel 212 welded coil tail which enables the technician safe and easy access to the heater when in use. A white marker bead denotes the start of the cold tail. A twistlock connector complete with insulated sleeve is attached to the end of each tail to enable the ceramic heater to be connected to the 3 way splitter.

We usually stock ceramic heaters of the following sizes - (first measurement is the distance from tail to tail and the second measurement is the distance from top to bottom of the main body of the ceramic heater)

Product Code: GHT 5117 - 150mm x 335mm (6 Beads x 16 Beads)

Product Code: GHT 5122 - 200mm x 255mm (8 Beads x 12 Beads)

Product Code: GHT 5130 - 305mm x 170mm (12 Beads x 8 Beads)

Product Code: GHT 5136 - 380mm x 145mm (15 Beads x 7 Beads)

Product Code: GHT 5137 - 405mm x 125mm (16 Beads x 6 Beads)

Product Code: GHT 5145 - 535mm x 100mm (21 Beads x 5 Beads)

Product Code: GHT 5151 - 610mm x 85mm (24 Beads x 4 Beads) -Displayed in Photograph

Product Code: GHT 5163 - 1220mm x 45mm (48 Beads x 2 Beads)